Manage Parameters in the Properties Panel

Properties panels display meters and settings for a selected networked device. The parameters shown in the Properties panel mirror the settings found on the hardware. Device parameters can be edited directly from the Properties panel.

Note: This feature is available for Axient® Digital, Axient®, UHF-R®, ULX-D®, and QLX-D® devices and the PSM®1000.
  1. Properties panels can be accessed in the following ways:
    • Right-click on a channel strip in the Monitor tab and select Properties
    • Select the channel entry from the Inventory tab and select Properties
    • Double click on a channel strip in the Monitor tab
  2. Select a parameter tab or click on the gear icon to access additional parameters and settings.
    The AD4D Properties panel
Note: Properties panels are available for offline devices, but if you make changes to an offline device, Workbench will prompt you to merge those changes when the device comes online. Properties panels for offline devices are dimmed.