Planning a Show

Open the Inventory tab to add the equipment you plan to use as offline devices and configure frequency coordination for that equipment. You can see how many channels you will need, and if you have access to scan data, you can try multiple hardware combinations with the available frequencies in the RF environment of the venue. When you arrive at the venue, you can apply all parameters and settings to Shure® networked devices.

Inventory List

In the Inventory tab, the list displays the equipment you have added to the show. It provides a way of reviewing and sorting your equipment. You can save inventory files by exporting them and reuse existing inventory files by importing them.


You can save data for an event or show to a show file that you can use later or share:

  • Venue contacts and location
  • Inventory list
  • Device parameters
  • TV channels and other exclusions
  • Scan data

Device Profiles

Each device model has a profile associated with it that consists of default tuning and coordination parameters. Enter or import your own parameters to customize the device profile.

Non-Networked Devices

Wireless Workbench® calculates and analyzes frequencies for non-networked devices. Though you must tune non-networked equipment to its calculated frequency values manually, Wireless Workbench can take into account the frequencies that the equipment can tune to during frequency coordination. Alternatively, Wireless Workbench can calculate the best frequencies for these devices. Either way, adding non-networked devices will provide the most accurate data about the RF spectrum to best manage all your RF devices.