Calculate and Deploy Frequencies

Add frequencies for coordination

To set up your calculation, select frequencies from your inventory to bring into the coordination workspace. You can also manually request frequencies for devices that aren't yet in your inventory.

  1. Open the Frequency Coordination tab.
  2. In the Add Frequencies tab, choose Select Frequencies from Inventory.
  3. Select which frequencies you want to bring into the coordination workspace.
  4. Use the drop-down menus on the Add Frequencies tab to request frequencies for any equipment you haven't yet added as inventory.

Calculate frequencies

Use Workbench to calculate a compatible frequency for frequencies in the coordination workspace, including any required backup frequencies. The calculation references scan data, inclusions, exclusions, and TV channels to determine compatibility and prevent interference between systems.

Once you've added frequencies to the coordination workspace, select Calculate to find new frequencies for the incompatible entries. Once you calculate frequencies, the system analyzes them and determines whether they are compatible. Compatible frequencies can be assigned and deployed to the inventory.

Assign and deploy frequencies

Compatible frequency solutions are assigned and deployed to devices in the inventory, which directly sets the frequency values for all networked components; third-party or non-networked systems must be configured manually. All frequency assignments can be inspected and modified prior to deployment.

  1. Select Assign and Deploy.
  2. Preview frequencies assignments.
    • The Rank column scores the frequencies based on the level of RF noise. Three-star frequencies are the best quality; one-star frequencies are also good, but may be closer to another frequency or TV channel.
    • Drag and drop channels to assign them to different frequencies
  3. Double-click in the Deploy  to column to choose where to send the frequency list for each RF zone. This list can be hosted by either Wireless Workbench (shown as "WWB"), or a Spectrum Manager (shown as the device ID for the Spectrum Manager).
  4. Choose to deploy frequencies to just the selected zone or to all zones, creating a frequency list in the desired location.