Add Equipment to a Show

Add offline devices to the inventory by selecting Add New Device.

Note: You can also add non-networked devices as exclusions in the Frequency Coordination tab.

Select the Manufacturer, Model, and Band

  1. From the toolbar, select Add new device.  
  2. In the Equipment Profile area, select the manufacturer, model, and band.
    Note: Equipment profiles dictate coordination settings based on device properties. For information about modifying or adding custom equipment profiles to have more control over these settings, see Custom Equipment Profiles.

Define Properties for the Device

  1. In the Device Properties area, define the number of active devices you are adding.
  2. If you are using multiple RF zones or inclusion groups, make your selection in the respective fields.
  3. For an Axient and Axient Digital receivers, specify what type of transmitter the receiver will use in the Tx profile or Transmission Mode field. Specifying a transmitter profile ensures that correct frequency spacing will be assigned for the transmitter.
  4. For a ULX or SLX receiver, a master list model variation is available.
  5. For a ULX-D receiver, to turn on high density mode, in the Transmission Mode field, select HD. After you resync the transmitters, transmitter-output power is set to 1 mW.
  6. Select Add to add the device to the inventory as an offline device.