Monitor the 2.4 GHz Spectrum

The ShowLink Plot uses a ShowLink access point to scan and display activity in the 2.4 GHz spectrum.

Add Access Points to the Plot

  1. Select ShowLink Plot from the toolbar. Access points are displayed as markers in the plot.  
  2. To make an access point available for plotting, select the gear icon next to the Recent Scan section.  
  3. Select all access points to be added and select the save icon.  
  4. To begin scanning with an access point in the list, select it so that it becomes highlighted, and select Start.
    Note: You can scan for up to eight hours.
  5. To display data for a different access point, select the device in the Recent Scan area.

View a Previous Scan

  1. In the Files area, select the folder icon and browse for the file containing the previous scan.  
  2. To scroll to different points in time in the file, drag the scroll button to that point in time. Or, select the play button to see the plot redrawn.
    The stop and play buttons of a scan file

Add an Overlay

  1. In the Overlays area, select the Overlay... button.
  2. Select the folder icon and browse for a scan file.
  3. Select whether to display the peak hold of the scanned time period or a single sweep at a particular time.
    The ShowLink Overlay window with the Range dropdown menu open
  4. Add all necessary scan files and select Close.