Exclude TV Channels

In the TV Channels window, you can define a list of TV channels to avoid when calculating frequencies. This includes VHF and UHF TV channels as well as Digital Audio Broadcast (or DAB) channels that can potentially cause interference.

If TV channel data is publicly available in your area, you can search by location and see a list of your area's TV channels. If you are in the United States and connected to the internet, your search directly queries an online television channel database to find the most up-to-date results.

You can also import or manually define your channel list.

Note: Alternatively, you can let scan data define all TV channel exclusions. Keep in mind that though timely scan data can provide accurate information about RF levels, activity on some channels, such as those used for public safety, is intermittent and therefore might be missed by a scan.

To access TV channel settings, go to Frequency Coordination > Spectrum > TV Channels and select An icon of a gear(Settings).

The TV Channels window

Search for TV Channels by Location

Search by location to select channels listed in the FCC database for an area.

  1. Go to Frequency Coordination > Spectrum > TV Channels.
  2. Select a country from the drop-down menu.
  3. Narrow your search.
    • Select the target icon to use your current location.
    • Select Postal Code Lookup to choose specific information about a location, such as city, state, and postal code, from drop-down menus.
    • If you know the postal code or latitude and longitude of your location, enter it in the Postal Code or Latitude, Longitude field. Latitude and longitude should be entered in decimal format (for example, 42.0127,-87.7728).
  4. Enter a search radius.
  5. If you don't want to see results you selected during a previous search, clear the Preserve selected TV channels on new search checkbox.
  6. Click Search for TV Channels.
Note: If you're searching for frequencies in the United States and you're connected to the internet, you can directly search the online TV channel database for up-to-date results. A green LED indicates that you're directly connecting to the online database, while a red LED indicates that you're offline and are searching the local TV channel database.

Import or Manually Define a TV Channel List

If you are familiar with the TV channels in your coordination area, you can import your own list of channels or manually add channels you would like to exclude.

  • To import a list of TV channels from a file, select Import and choose the file.
  • To manually select channels, choose the checkbox by the channel number.

Save and Export a TV Channel List

  • To save the list for future use, select Export > To File and choose where you want to save the file.
  • To export the list to a Spectrum Manager, select Export To Spectrum Manager and choose a Spectrum Manager from the list.

To save the list, select Save.