Monitoring Channels and Devices

You can monitor device settings, RF activity, and battery information with the following Wireless Workbench® features.

Monitor Tab and Channel Strips

In the Monitor tab, you can view a subset of parameters for a channel in a channel strip - a ribbon of controls displayed in a compact, convenient area. The channel strips let you view and manage parameters for multiple channels at once. You can customize which parameters are displayed by using the Monitoring Widget Designer.

Properties Panel

Properties Panels display all of the parameters from the physical hardware to allow for access and control. They also serve as a comprehensive monitoring interface, displaying meters and transmitter information.

For an Axient® Digital, Axient®, PSM®, UHF-R®, ULX-D® , and QLX-D® channel or device, you can view a Properties panel that has the same parameter controls as the physical hardware.

Charger Properties Panel

Shure networked chargers display information about batteries and transmitters currently docked in connected chargers. You can remotely monitor battery charge level, time to full, health, temperature, cycle, and battery errors or warnings using the Charger Properties Panel.