Plan Backup Frequencies

In addition to calculating the primary frequencies for your inventory channels, Wireless Workbench can calculate additional frequencies that can be used as backups.

Backup frequencies can be requested explicitly, or found automatically. Primary frequencies (those for channels in the Inventory) will always be found before backup frequencies.

Set Up Default Preferences for Automatic Backup Frequencies

  1. Select Tools > Preferences.  
  2. Select the Coordination tab.
  3. Select Automatically calculate backup frequencies to configure the calculator to automatically find backup frequencies.

Request Backup Frequencies for Offline Devices

  1. In the Frequency Coordination tab, select Request Additional Frequencies.
  2. Select the Manufacturer, Model, and Band for devices you want to add.
  3. in the Backup Frequencies field, select the number of backup frequencies you want for the device. Wireless Workbench will calculate the requested number of backup frequencies.