Inventory Tab

The Inventory tab displays all devices that are online and any offline devices you have added to your inventory.

The Inventory tab with numbers indicating each section of the screen that is called out below
① Inventory list
Online, networked Shure devices appear automatically on the inventory list, and you can also add offline and non-networked devices.
② Grouping
You can organize the device list by type of device, column headers, RF zone, or network.
③ Real-time editing for parameters and settings
Edit device settings in the inventory list by double-clicking in the columns. Wireless Workbench immediately applies the changes to your equipment.
④ Tagging
In the Tags column, you can set a tag to use for filtering. Select Tools > Manage Tags to add or delete tags, and double click the tags column for that channel to add the tag.
⑤ Search
Filter the list by searching for the items you want to display. Apply multiple filters by separating terms with a space.
⑥ Item properties panel
Select a device to adjust its properties in the sidebar. You can select a group of components and edit them as a batch; selecting components of the same model gives you more editing options. Use the auto-enumerate field to add sequential numbering to a component.