Network Troubleshooting

Several factors affect whether Wireless Workbench® discovers equipment successfully and displays devices in the list.

Check Connection and Cables

  • For any Shure® networked, rack-mounted devices, look for the network icon on the display. If the screen does not display the icon, check the cable connection by checking to see if the LEDs on the network jack are lighting up.
  • If the LEDs are not lit on the Ethernet jack, replace the cables and check the LEDs and network icon again.

Check IP Settings

  • Check the Network tab in the Preferences window to see if you have configured your ports correctly.
  • Check that the IP settings are correct and that they match the IP settings of your computer.
  • Ping the devices using a command line prompt.

Ping a Device

  1. Using a command-line prompt, type ping, followed by the IP address of the device. For example: ping
  2. If the ping returns as a success (no packet loss), then the computer can see the device on the network. If the ping returns as a failure (100% packet loss), check the IP address of the computer to ensure it is on the same subnet as the device.

Interference from Security Programs

  • Make sure to configure your firewall to allow all Wireless Workbench® components.
  • If you are using a VPN connection, check the configuration. VPN may block your access to hardware on your network.

Check Settings Using the AXT620 Ethernet Switch

  1. Log in to the online interface by entering the IP address of the switch ( is the default) into your browser address bar.
  2. In the Username field, enter root. In the Password field, enter root.  
  3. From the System menu, select DHCP Server.  
  4. Select the Client Entries tab to display the IP address and MAC address of each device on the network.
    Tip: All Shure® MAC addresses start with 00:0E.

Check the ShowLink Network Connectivity

  1. Connect the AXT610 or AD610 Access Point to the network.
  2. Link a transmitter to the receiver by performing an IR sync. On the front panel of the receiver, the screen displays the ShowLink® icon next to the transmitter information.
  3. From the receiver home screen, navigate to SHOWLINK TEST.
  4. Select the transmitter you want to test. The ShowLink test will start to run and display a signal strength indication.
  5. If the ShowLink signal strength is low, check the antenna connection on the access point and the transmitter.
  6. Check the placement of the access point. It should be at least two meters above ground level, preferably mounted in a microphone stand or mounted to a non-metallic wall with the antenna oriented vertically. If you are using a directional antenna, make sure the front of the antenna, with the Shure logo, is facing the transmitters.