Creating Channel Strips

In the monitor view, you can add channel strips, which show the meters that appear on the front panel of the hardware of the selected device.

Add Channel Strips

  1. Select the Monitor tab.
  2. Select a channel or drag-and-drop from the list of channels, which displays all networked Shure channels in the inventory.
  3. Un-check a channel in the list to remove it from the monitor view.
Note: Channel strips are available for offline devices, but if you make changes to an offline device, Wireless Workbench will prompt you to merge those changes when the device comes online. Channel strips for offline devices are dimmed.

Channel Strip Arrangement Modes

In auto mode, channel strips automatically align themselves in the same order that they appear in the list of channels. Select Free to be able to move channel strips anywhere, or Snap to align channels to a grid.

Add Monitor Groups

You can organize channels into groups to make them easier for you to monitor. For example, you might group backup singers or instrument mics.

  1. To create a monitor group, start by opening the Monitor Groups area. Select Add Group and name the newly created group. Alternatively, select several channels and drop them in the Channel Groups area or right click on a channel strip and select Add to New Monitor Group.
  2. To add a channel to this group, drag the selected channels into the group.
  3. To remove a channel from a group, right-click in the channel within the group and select Delete.
  4. To delete a group, right-click on the group name and select Delete.

Customizing Channel Strips

The monitoring widget designer allows you to customize what appears on all channel strips.

  1. Click on the gear or right-click on an empty area of the monitor view.
  2. Select the parameters you'd like to see in the channel strips. All changes are previewed in the designer.
  3. Select OK to apply the changes to all channel strips.