Set Up a ShowLink Access Point

To set up a ShowLink® access point, bring the device online, configure the network settings for that device, and sync the transmitters that will be controlled via the device.

Note: The access point must either be connected to an Ethernet port with Power over Ethernet (PoE), or be powered separately by an adapter.

Modify Access Point Properties

  1. In the Inventory tab, right-click the access point and select Properties.
  2. View a list of connected transmitters and the ShowLink signal strength for each transmitter in the Connections area.
  3. Click the settings button.
  4. Choose a power mode from the menu.
  5. Click Reboot to clear the current settings and restore the access point to the default settings.

Manage ShowLink Channel Selection

  • To automatically manage ShowLink channels, set the channel mode to Automatic. The access point will switch to clear ShowLink channels as needed. When that happens, the system will also notify devices communicating through that access point to communicate on the new ShowLink channel.
  • To manually switch to a new ShowLink channel, set the channel mode to Manual. Next, select a channel for the access point to operate on. The access point will remain on the selected channel, rather than automatically switching channels to avoid interference.
    CAUTION: The recommended setting is Automatic. To manually manage ShowLink channels, you should monitor the 2.4 GHz spectrum and select channels based on observed activity.
  • When you have defined all settings, select Apply.

Using a Channel Mask

A ShowLink access point in automatic channel mode can be configured to automatically select the best available frequency within a specified subset of the available channels. A channel mask can be set up to limit the channels the access point will consider or avoid channels with high amounts of activity.

  1. Right-click the device in the inventory and select Properties.
  2. Click Edit and choose all ShowLink channels that the access point will be able to operate on. When the access point is in Automatic channel mode, it will choose the best available frequency from the specified channels instead of the entire list of available channels.