Monitor Tab

Adding channel strips on the Monitor tab lets you view device parameters and make remote adjustments to networked Shure channels.

The Monitor tab with numbered callouts
① Channel Strips
Channel strips display a configurable subset of parameters for each channel. You can adjust parameters such as audio mute or gain and have them update immediately on the hardware.
② Device Chooser
The Channels section lists networked Shure wireless channels from the inventory. Selecting a channel adds a channel strip to the tab, and selecting a device such as a charger or Spectrum Manager displays the Properties panel for that device.
③ Shortcut Menu
Right-click on a channel strip to access the shortcut menu options:
  • Identify Device
  • Properties - Alternatively, double-click on a channel strip to see its properties.
  • Add to New Monitor Group
  • Monitoring Widget Size
  • Assign Colors
  • Clear Audio Overload Hold
  • New Frequency
  • Select From Frequency List
④ Mini-Timeline
Each channel strip contains a Mini-Timeline, which continuously records and displays two minutes of events for key parameters. The Mini-Timeline can be displayed or hidden by checking the Timeline box for a channel.
Monitoring Widget Designer
The Monitoring Widget Designer lets you customize the parameters shown on the channel strips.
⑥ Views
Views allow you to organize your channel strips. Each view can have a unique placement and arrangement of channel strips. Monitor views can be created by clicking on the plus sign along the bottom of the Monitor tab.
⑦ Arrangement Modes
Channel strips automatically align themselves in the same order that they appear in the Channels section. For other placement options, select Free to allow for placement anywhere, or Snap to align channels to a grid.
⑧ Properties Panel
Double-clicking on a channel strip or selecting Properties from the Shortcut menu opens a panel that provides a detailed view of hardware parameters. Parameters can be viewed and edited in real time.