Calculate Additional Backup Frequencies

After performing frequency calculation, you can calculate additional backup frequencies and add them to the compatible frequency list.

Note: Wireless Workbench will analyze all frequencies in the coordination workspace to see if their current frequencies are compatible, but only unlocked channels will receive new frequencies from the coordination.

Specify Backup Frequency Types

  1. Open the Frequency Coordination tab
  2. Select the Add Frequencies tab.
  3. Select the manufacturer, model, and band of the device that needs additional backup frequencies.
  4. In the Backup Frequencies field, select the number of backup frequencies to add.
  5. To avoid adding frequencies in the Primary Frequencies field, select 0, and then select Add.

Lock Existing Frequencies

Choose the lock all frequencies icon (A closed lock with a second closed lock behind it) to lock the frequency values that have already been coordinated.

Calculating New Frequencies

Select Calculate to find new frequencies for the newly added entries.

Assigning and Deploying Frequencies to the Inventory

  1. Click Assign and Deploy.
  2. Preview frequencies assignments in the Assign and Deploy dialog:
    • The Rank column scores the frequencies based on the level of RF noise. Three-star frequencies are the best quality
    • Drag and drop channels to assign them to different frequencies
  3. To deploy the coordination, select Deploy to Inventory. All the devices flash their front panel to confirm a successful deployment.
Tip: If you want a Spectrum Manager to manage the new devices, redeploy the frequency list to the Spectrum Manager. Or, add the frequencies to the compatible frequency list in the properties panel of the Spectrum Manager.