Interference Management

In the properties panel of certain Shure receivers, you can define whether the system should detect interference and whether Wireless Workbench® should prompt you to manually switch channels, switch channels automatically, or only log the interference.

Configuring Interference Detection

Interference detection is available for AD4D, AD4Q, and ADX5D receivers.

Note: Interference detection availability for ADX5D depends your region and which backplate you are using.
  1. Open the properties panel for the receiver.
  2. Go to the Radio tab.
  3. Select one of the following options in the Interference Avoidance Mode field to define which action should be taken in the event of interference:
    • Off - The system will not detect interference.
    • Manual - Manually switch to a clear frequency.
    • Automatic - Wireless Workbench will automatically select a clear frequency. If you are using a Spectrum Manager, the system will automatically switch to a clear frequency.

Unregistered Transmitter Action

Unregistered transmitters are a potential source of interference. The unregistered transmitter setting determines how the receiver reacts the presence of unregistered transmitters.

From the Unregistered Transmitter Action menu in the properties panel, choose one of the following options:
  • Allow: The receiver will pass audio from the unregistered transmitter
  • Warn: The receiver will display a warning when an unregistered transmitter is detected
  • Block: The receiver treat the unregistered transmitter as interference and will block the audio