Specify a Frequency for a Channel

You can select a specific frequency for a channel. You can also use the provided channel groups to assign frequencies to devices.

Note: For linked Axient® receiver and transmitter pairs, the system will immediately update the frequency on ShowLink-enabled portable hardware. For UHF-R® and ULX-D® systems and the PSM®1000, the system updates the frequency immediately on the rack device, and an IR sync updates the frequency on the portable devices. For other equipment, you will need to tune to the new frequency manually.

Select a Frequency in the Inventory List

  1. Double-click in the Frequency column for the channel.  
  2. Select a frequency from the drop-down list, or type a frequency.

Select a Frequency in the Properties Panel

  1. Open the Properties panel for the channel and select the Radio tab.
  2. Select the Edit button and then choose a frequency from the pull down menu.
  3. Select Apply to finish.

Select a Group and Channel

In the G & Ch column, select a group and channel.

Tip: You can define custom groups for Axient Digital, Axient, ULX-D, QLX-D, PSM1000 and UHF-R systems.
Note: Asterisks indicate that the tuned frequency is not in the compatible frequency list (CFL) of the Spectrum Manager currently controlling the receiver. To add the frequency to the frequency list, you can analyze the frequency or calculate a new frequency for the device.