Select Frequency Coordination Preferences and Coordination Order

In the Preferences window, you can define default settings for frequency coordination and the coordination order.

General Preferences

  1. On the Mac OS® operating system, on the Wireless Workbench menu, select Preferences. On the Windows® operating system, on the Tools menu, select Preferences.
  2. In the Coordination tab, to define the default country for frequency coordination, select a country in the Default Country field and choose a unit of measure for distance. Setting these values ensure that the New Show and TV Channels windows display correctly.
  3. To automatically define excluded frequencies based on the scan data, select Automatically calculate exclusions from scan data. When you run a scan in the Frequency Coordination tab, the Exclusions window will automatically display some exclusions based on the occupied frequencies found during the scan. You can add additional exclusions, if necessary.
    The General tab of the Preferences > Coordination window showing the option to automatically calculate backup frequencies.
  4. To request backup channels for devices automatically, select Automatically calculate backup frequencies. Wireless Workbench® will calculate backup frequencies in the compatible frequency list, without you having to request them.
  5. To define how close an assigned frequency can be to a TV channel during frequency calculation and analysis, select a distance in the Minimum spacing from the edge of a TV channel field. Wireless Workbench will not calculate a compatible frequency any closer to a TV channel than the amount entered here.
  6. To get more frequencies when you are calculating for a large number of devices, increase the values in the following fields:
    • Maximum fruitless experiments before quitting
    • Number of passes

    These settings allow Wireless Workbench to run calculations for an extended period and attempt to find frequencies additional frequencies.

Coordination Order

Wireless Workbench assigns frequencies to the least frequency-agile component families first. You can adjust the coordination order in the preferences.

  1. Select Tools > Preferences > Coordination and choose the Coordination Order tab.
  2. Click to select a Band, Series, or RF Profile. Adjust the coordination order by dragging the selection or use the arrows in the sidebar.
  3. Select Apply, and then Save to finish.