Frequency Coordination and Calculation

Perform a frequency coordination to find compatible frequencies for your devices. Wireless Workbench helps you calculate compatible frequencies using scan data and spectrum definitions.

The basic steps for a frequency coordination are as follows:
  1. If possible, perform a scan of the RF spectrum. Before manually defining exclusions, scan your environment to identify active frequencies to avoid.
  2. Bring frequencies from your inventory into the coordination workspace.
  3. Define the RF spectrum by choosing frequencies to include or exclude. To make sure you don't miss any occupied frequencies, search a TV channel database and manually define frequencies to include or exclude.
  4. Analyze frequencies for compatibility. Wireless Workbench will identify whether the frequencies you have defined are compatible with the systems in your inventory.
  5. Calculate compatible frequencies.
  6. Assign and deploy frequencies to the inventory.
The Frequency Coordination workspace with number callouts matching each of the above steps