Merge Offline and Online Devices

If you assign device settings in Wireless Workbench before your gear is online, you can choose to merge those settings with your device when it comes online. To merge settings, drag and drop one device to the other in the inventory list.
Note: You cannot merge two online devices or two offline devices.

You'll be prompted to merge device settings:

  • When you apply offline device settings to new online devices in the inventory. This happens when you drag and drop offline devices to the devices that are live at the venue.
  • When devices go offline and come back on the network with changed parameters.
  • Any other time devices need to be merged, such as when you import an inventory file.
Note: Unresolved devices appear in italics in the inventory.
A list of devices with an arrow from an offline device to an online device indicating how to perform a drag-and-drop merge

Choose Between Online and Wireless Workbench Settings

When you complete a merge, you are prompted to choose which settings to maintain. Settings are separated into categories so that frequency-related parameters and other device parameters can be defined by separate sources.

Frequency/coordination settings - The settable RF-specific properties associated with a receiver channel or device channel configuration.

Device settings - The settable properties of the device itself.

Note: See the Frequency/Coordination and Device Settings for Shure Products topic for a full list of settings by device and whether they are frequency/coordination settings or device settings.

For each device with a conflict, choose which settings should carry forward.

  • Online Device - device settings overwrite the settings in Wireless Workbench.
  • Wireless Workbench - The settings you've selected in Wireless Workbench will be deployed to the device.

You can also make category selections. When you are ready to apply your selections, select Apply or Apply to All.

Note: If you choose Cancel, the device will use its current settings, but you will not be able to use other remote functions until you resolve the merge.