Monitoring Batteries in the Charger Properties Panel

Each tab in the charger properties panel provides different battery statistics:

Displays charge as a percentage of the total battery capacity. Also shows time remaining to full charge.
Displays health of selected battery as a percentage of the charge capacity of a new battery. Charge capacity (battery life when fully charged) will decline as a result of repeated charge cycles, age, or storage conditions.
Displays total number of times that the battery has undergone one full count of discharge and charge.
Displays battery temperature (in Celsius and Fahrenheit) and status.

Workbench also reports battery errors and warnings for each charger bay.

The properties panel of a charger


  1. In the Inventory list, select the charger, then right-click and select Properties... from the shortcut menu. Or, in the Monitor tab, click the charger in the Device Chooser. The charge level of each battery will be displayed.
  2. Select a battery bay to view detailed information for that battery.