Select a Network Interface

The first time you open Wireless Workbench, you will be prompted to select a network interface to communicate with your networked components.

  1. Open Wireless Workbench.
    Tip: If no prompt appears, click the network status on the right side of the status bar to update your network preferences.
  2. To select the correct interface, open the IP menu on any networked component and take note of the assigned IP address. Model-specific instructions for accessing the network menu are available at In the example shown, the IP address for the component is:
    A computer running WWB connected to a receiver. The receiver screen lists the mode, IP address, sub, and GW
  3. Compare the IP address assigned to the component to the available IP addresses listed in to the Network Selection window. Choose the network that closely matches the numbering order and format of the IP address of the component (192.168.1 in this example). Note: The last few numbers will not match exactly.
    The Network tab of the Preferences window with a network selected
  4. Save your changes.