Status Bar

The status bar at the bottom of the screen provides information and controls for discovered devices and the network status of Wireless Workbench.

The status bar with numbers calling out each part
① Devices Identified
This LED and label will blink and update to indicate if any discovered devices are being identified from the hardware device. Click Dismiss All to end the identify sequence within Wireless Workbench.
② Flash All Devices
This button will send the flash command to all discovered devices, which will respond by flashing their front panels.
③ Timeline File Size Indicator
Indicates the file size of a recorded Timeline.
④ Network Connection Indicator
This LED and label indicates if Wireless Workbench detects a valid network, and the number of discovered online devices. Click the label to launch the network preferences window.
⑤ Monitor Only Icon
Indicates Monitor Only mode status.
  • A green lock that is open - Disabled
  • A yellow lock that is closed - Enabled