Monitor the Spectrum in the Frequency Plot

In the frequency plot, you can run and import scans in order to learn about and troubleshoot issues in your environment.

Note: Devices can scan for up to 8 hours. To monitor for an extended period, you may need to adjust energy-saving options on your computer so that sleep or hibernation options do not interfere with scanning.

Perform a Scan

  1. Select Frequency Plot on the toolbar.
    The scan sidebar with numbers indicating where the parts of the scanning workflow are on the screen
  2. Select a scan source.
    • Icon showing a list with all items checked Select all
    • Icon showing a list with all items clear Clear all
    Note: The coverage bar shows scan source ranges in dark green. When a scan is running and someone selects another scan source, currently scanning sources’ ranges are shown in a lighter color.
  3. For devices that support per-antenna scanning, select the antennas you want to scan with.
  4. Choose whether to scan in one sweep or a continuous sweep.
    • One sweep - Scan once with each antenna
    • Continuous - Scan continuously for up to eight hours
  5. Start your scan.
  6. To stop the scan, select the stop icon next to the scanning device.
  7. Right-click to save the file. If you don't save the file, any attempt to restart or start a new scan with the same device will overwrite your existing scan.
    Note: Scans with an asterisk (*) are unsaved.

Import Scan Data

You can load and view saved scan files in the frequency plot.

See Use Scan Data in Frequency Coordination for information on how to format scan files and information about accepted scan file formats.
  1. Select Frequency Plot from the toolbar.
  2. Go to Import and choose to add a scan from your files or from a device.
  3. Browse for the file you want to view and select Open to see the scan.

View and Play Back Scan Data on the Plot

To view a scan in the plot, select the check box next to the scan name in the sidebar. Press the play button next to the scan name to replay the scan capture in the plot.

Selecting the peak hold check box takes the peak of each visible scan and plots those peaks.

For scans with multiple sweeps, you can use a time slider to focus on individual points of the scan capture.

The frequency plot window with numbers indicating the steps to view scan data using the time slider
  1. Select the row of the scan you'd like to control with the time slider.
  2. Use the slider to see a specific point in the scan capture.
  3. Use the play button to replay the selected scan over time.

Add Informational Overlays

Select Band Overlay to see shaded regions that correspond to the tunable bandwidth for the devices in your inventory.