Modify a Frequency List on a Spectrum Manager

You can modify a compatible frequency list (CFL) in the properties panel of the Spectrum Manager that controls that frequency list. In the Frequency List tab of the properties panel, you see a snapshot of the current compatible frequency list on the Spectrum Manager. In-use frequencies are not editable, but you can make changes to backup frequencies. You can enter frequencies one by one or import a list of frequencies in a .csv or .txt file.

Add, Remove, or Edit a Frequency

  1. Open the properties panel of the Spectrum Manager that is managing the frequency list.
  2. Select Edit CFL.
  3. To add a frequency, enter it in the Frequency field. Select a device type and add the frequency.
  4. To remove a frequency, select the row, right-click, and select Delete selected frequencies.
  5. To edit a frequency, double-click on the frequency, type, or band and enter or select a new value.
    • You can only edit backup frequencies.
    • Frequencies without a band are marked with a caution sign. Having a band selected for a frequency improves the accuracy of frequency analysis, which is recommended.
  6. Send the updated frequency list snapshot to the Spectrum Manager.

Import a List of Frequencies

  1. Format the list of frequencies for each type of device in a .csv or .txt file with the frequency entries separated by comma, tab, or carriage return.
    • Make sure only frequency values are listed in the file, because all extra text will be removed.
    • Duplicate entries are not allowed.
  2. Select Import from file and open your file.
  3. In the Add as type field, select the intended device type for the frequencies. The frequencies are added to the Backups list, minus any invalid entries. If any of the added frequencies are in use by channels that are controlled by the Spectrum Manager, they appear in the In Use list.
  4. Save the updated frequency list to the Spectrum Manager.

Analyze the New Frequencies Against the Frequency List

To check whether the added frequencies conflict with the other frequencies in the compatible frequency list, select Analyze in the Frequency Coordination tab.

Note: To analyze the updated frequency list against RF activity at a location, you must use the Analyze feature in the Frequency Coordination tab after saving the frequency list to the Spectrum Manager.