Configure Network Settings in Wireless Workbench

We recommend that you designate a DHCP server, such as the Axient® Ethernet switch (AXT620), and configure network settings to assign IP addresses automatically. However, you can configure IP addresses manually to use specific addresses.

CAUTION: If you use multiple devices capable of acting as a DHCP server, designate only one to act as the server and designate the others as clients. For more information about configuring advanced IP settings, see your hardware guides.
  1. Right click on a device from the inventory, and then select Properties from the shortcut menu.
  2. Click the gear icon, and then scroll to the Network settings.
  3. Click Edit to make changes.
  4. In the Mode field, select an IP addressing mode:
    • Automatic - The DHCP server will assign an address. If no server is present, the system will assign devices to a default subnet of 169.254.x.x.
    • Manual - You will not need a DHCP server. The IP and Subnet fields become available.
    Note: When you change network settings, devices may temporarily go offline.
  5. To set a specific IP address, enter an address in the IP field that matches the first three octets (the number groups separated by periods) of your computer's IP address. Each octet of the subnet mask that is set to 255 requires that the corresponding octet of the IP address be identical. For example, with a subnet mask of, these IP addresses are on the same subnet: and
  6. To configure the device as part as a sub-network, enter the address of the subnet mask (matching that of your computer) in the Subnet Mask field.