Frequency Coordination Tab

The Frequency Coordination tab contains tools for scanning and analyzing the RF spectrum and for coordinating compatible frequency solutions for devices in the inventory. Within the tab, you can select subsets of frequencies from the inventory and request new frequencies during coordination. Using frequency locks, you can add new frequencies without altering current assignments.

The Frequency Coordination tab with numbers indicating each of the sections called out below
① Frequency coordination plot
The frequency coordination plot displays scan data, exclusion ranges, inclusion ranges, and frequency markers.
  • To zoom in or out, use mouse wheel while focusing on a certain area within the spectrum
  • To scroll side to side, click and drag the plot
  • To expand the plot to full screen, right click in the plot background and select Full Screen Plot
② Wideband navigation strip
Use the wideband navigation strip to adjust the area of the spectrum the plot displays.
③ Coordination workspace
The coordination workspace is a frequency "sandbox". Frequencies can be copied over from the inventory and manipulated without impacting live RF channels. The toolbar above the workspace contains controls for managing the workspace.
④ Frequency, Spectrum, and Compatibility tabs
Use these tabs to bring frequencies over from the inventory and define the RF spectrum by choosing frequencies to include or exclude.
⑤ Scanning sidebar
Run a live scan, import existing scan data, and adjust scan settings from this sidebar.