Select Frequencies from a Custom Group

Custom groups are pre-coordinated sets of compatible frequencies that can be stored and deployed to your devices. You can define a custom group for the PSM®1000, UHF-R®, Axient® Digital, Axient®, ULX-D® and QLX-D® systems in the properties panel or by exporting a frequency list as a custom group file.

Create and Deploy Custom Groups

Export a frequency list as a custom group

  1. Calculate compatible frequencies in the coordination workspace.
  2. Select the Export Custom Groups button (An arrow pointing up next to a stack of horizontal lines) and save the file.
  3. To deploy the group to a device, go to the properties panel of the device, select Custom Groups, and import your file.

Manually create a custom group

  1. Open the properties panel for a device.
  2. Select the gear icon and choose Custom Groups.
  3. Select Edit.
  4. Double-click in the Frequency field and choose each frequency you want to be part of the group.
  5. Click Apply to deploy that group to your device.

Save and share custom groups

In the Settings section of the properties panel, you can save your custom groups for reuse or deploy a custom group to other receivers of the same series-band. First, create a custom group manually or load a custom group to the properties panel using the export/import process. With your custom group open in the properties panel, choose to do either of the following:
  • To save a custom group for reuse, select Export.
  • To share a custom group with other receivers of the same series-band, select Share. Select the appropriate devices and share your list.

Select Frequencies from a Custom Group

  1. To select a frequency from a custom group, double click on the G & Ch entry for the device in the Inventory tab.
  2. User the pull-down menus to select a custom group and channel.
    The pull-down group menu on an AD4D in the inventory