Monitor Backup Frequencies

You can view the backup frequencies for all RF zones in the Frequency List dialog. If you have a Spectrum Manager, you can also view the backup frequencies for an individual zone in the properties panel of the Spectrum Manager for that zone. In the Spectrum Manager properties window, you can switch a device to a backup frequency.

Note: You must be using a Spectrum Manager to automatically deploy backup frequencies to devices from Wireless Workbench.

Monitor All Frequency Lists

From the View menu, select Frequency List. The window displays each frequency list, with in-use frequencies and backup frequencies.

Note: If you are using a Spectrum Manager, backup channels are color-coded according to their quality.

Monitor the Channels Managed by a Spectrum Manager

  1. In the list, select the Spectrum Manager, then right-click and select Properties from the shortcut menu to display a list of the channels managed by this Spectrum Manager.
  2. To change a channel to one of your backup frequencies, select the channel, right-click, and select Change to this frequency from the shortcut menu. Or, drag and drop the backup channel onto the channel that you want to replace.
Note: For non-networked devices, you must change frequencies on the hardware.