Monitor Only Mode

Monitor Only mode provides and extra layer of security by preventing access to critical parameters once a show has been coordinated and set up.

Monitor Only mode is particularly useful for events where a cross-functional team is responsible for setting up the show. Monitoring of the show can be seamlessly handed off from the configuration team to the monitoring team, without the risk that a critical parameter will accidentally be changed.

To prevent changes to key parameters and protect the integrity of the show setup, functionality of the toolbar and the tabs are limited as follows:
The toolbar remains accessible with the exception of the Add New Device option.
Inventory tab
Flash all devices, sorting, and filters remain active.
Frequency CoordinationTab
The RF spectrum plot can be monitored, all coordination parameters are disabled.
Monitor Tab
Control parameters are disabled, arranging and sorting of property windows remains active.

Enabling or Disabling Monitor Only Mode

Turn Monitor Only mode on or off by selecting the icon in the lower right-hand corner of the window.

  • A green lock that is open - Disabled
  • A yellow lock that is closed - Enabled