RF Zones

RF zones are a tool that help you maximize the number of available frequencies when you’re coordinating RF across multiple areas in a large venue. They are commonly used in sports arenas, campuses, and corporate environments.

RF zones work by grouping your components and using the distance between the groups to get more channels on the air. When there’s enough space between your coordination areas, you can reuse or operate on frequencies that Wireless Workbench® would register as interfering with one another without zones.

CAUTION: RF zones change the way Wireless Workbench® calculates and analyzes frequencies and shouldn’t be used purely for organizational purposes. To keep frequencies organized, use tags.

When to Use RF Zones

Consider using zones when you need more frequencies than the Wireless Workbench® calculator is able to find and when you are working with a venue that contains multiple separate spaces.

Example: Conference Center

Default behavior (without RF zones)

  • 24 wireless devices
  • 20 available frequencies
  • Wireless Workbench® calculator can't find frequencies for 4 devices

Multiple RF zones

  • Devices in Rooms 202 and 205 don't interfere with one another
  • Both rooms defined as zones in Wireless Workbench®
  • Calculator finds more available frequencies between the 2 zones