Audio Overload Hold

The Audio Overload LED is the top (red) LED in the audio meter, which maps directly to the LEDs on the front panel of the corresponding hardware. Audio meters within Wireless Workbench 6 can be configured to hold and display the overload indicator in the event of an audio overload.

This feature is globally applicable to all networked channels in Wireless Workbench®, and can also be enabled on the hardware.

Enabling Audio Overload Hold in Wireless Workbench

  1. Open the Preferences dialog to the General tab.  
  2. To enable Audio Overload Hold for the audio meters of all networked devices, check the checkbox next to Enable Audio Overload Hold for all audio meters.
  3. Press save.
    Tip: When the Audio Overload LED is held in Wireless Workbench, an overloaded audio meter will have a tooltip that indicates the time of the most recent overload event. This may be helpful when diagnosing the source of the audio overload.

Clearing Audio Overload Hold

There are two ways to clear the Overload Hold: for all channels or for each channel individually.

For a Single Channel

Left click on the audio meter of the channel in either the properties panel or the channel strip.

The properties panel of an AD4D

For All Channels

  1. Navigate to the Monitor tab, and right click anywhere within the Monitor view.
  2. Within the right-button menu, select Clear all Audio Overload Holds.