Timeline provides a rich graphical interface to quickly assess system performance across multiple components. The Timeline continuously records and displays key parameters for each component. Recorded data provides valuable feedback during walk tests, event monitoring, and troubleshooting.

Baselines for system performance can be established by mapping of the RF performance over time. Playback and analysis of captured data yields valuable insights into audio performance and RF conditions.

When used as a documentation and archiving tool, Timeline can quickly pinpoint anomalies and display transient events, even over a period of days or weeks.

Timeline Interface and Controls

The Timeline tracks key parameters indicated by the following icons:

A Timeline file with numbered callouts for each of the toolbar buttons
1. Global configuration options for all channels
Configure the following options across all channels:
  • Select data to display
  • Expand or collapse channels
  • Show detailed or condensed view
2. Channel configuration options
Configure the following options for a selected channel:
  • Expand or collapse view
  • Select visible data streams
  • Show detailed or condensed view
3. Save or Save As buttons
Save your Timeline file for later use.
  • A floppy disk icon - Save
  • A piece of paper two times indicating a copy - Save As
4. Trim button
Edit a stopped or imported Timeline file
5. Start/Stop button
Click to start or stop recording
6. Playhead

Moves plot view to the current time (the playhead) and resumes scrolling

7. Zoom
Zoom in to view details
8. Drop global range marker
Adds a range marker to all active channels in a Timeline
9. Drop global instance marker
Adds an instance marker to all active channels in a Timeline
10. Drop channel range marker
Adds a range marker to the selected channel
11. Drop channel instance marker
Adds a instance marker to the selected channel
12. Data stream parameters
  • RF: Tracks the presence and strength of the RF signal for each antenna
  • Interference: Records interference events
  • Audio level: Displays audio levels as yellow, red, green, to match the front panel display
  • ShowLink: Displays ShowLink signal in a range from 0 to 5
  • Battery bars: Displays battery bars in a range from 0-5, or battery charge percentage when using Shure batteries
  • Channel quality: Displays signal-to-noise ratio of RF signal in a range from 0 to 5