Mini-Timelines run in the background and continuously records up to five minutes of key parameters.

The following options are available to configure Mini-Timelines:

  • Check the Timeline box for a channel to display or hide. Recording will continue, even while the display is hidden.
  • Click on the marker icon to mark events on the Mini-Timeline
Tip: The recording cycle period of the mini-timeline can be set in Tools > Preferences > Timeline
A mini-Timeline

Mini-Timeline Display Options

Parameters and display style can be customized by using the Monitoring Widget Designer.

  • Open the Monitoring Widget Designer by clicking on the gear icon
  • Check or un-check parameter to show or hide
  • Select a View Mode (Detailed or Condensed)

Capturing Data from the Mini-Timeline

The data in the Mini-Timeline can be captured by selecting the Auto Timeline button from the main toolbar. Selecting Auto Timeline will create a Timeline that will capture the data in the Mini-Timeline buffer and continue recording data until the Stop button is selected. When recording is stopped, the recorded Timeline can be saved.